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Castle Wedding Time/Attire

I'm getting married at a Castle in Florida, the venue is beautiful decorated so a formal ceremony will be the attire. The venue is an hour away.
What time is too late for a Saturday night wedding since most of my guest will be Pastors have early church services.
Thank you!

Re: Castle Wedding Time/Attire

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    Are you having dinner as well?

    If so, I wouldn't like dinner to be past 7ish, so maybe a 6pm wedding?
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    You should ask your officiant, who will know how late he/she can comfortably perform the service and be ready for church services the next morning. If a lot of your guests are older or have kids, an earlier dinner time would be appreciated, I'm sure. Gah, reading fail. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet... Ask a few of your pastor guests how late they can stay out and go from there
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    We had a 5:30pm ceremony, and started dinner a few minutes after 7.  We got the toasts and spotlight dances out of the way quickly, and skipped the cake cutting (no cake!) and garter/bouquet tosses.  Some guests probably left around 9:30 and didn't miss anything.  The whole reception was done by 10:45 (we had to be out of our venue by 11).  
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