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Father/Daughter Dance Dilema!

Good Evening All!
The time has begun to plan my spring 2011 nuptials. My fiancee has asked me multiple times what I plan to do for my dance with my father. His question always brings a few tears to my eyes. 
August 1988, my father sustained a tramatic brain injury as a result of a near fatal auto accident. For the following 10 months, my father laid in a coma in a complete vegetative state fighting for his life. Doctors urgred my grandmother to discontinue the utilization of life support stating that my father would never walk or talk again and would permanently remain in a vegetative state. My grandmother refused, despite the doctors reccomendations. Miraculously, my father regained consciousness and began the necessary therapies. 
 He underwent nearly 20 years of extensive inpatient/outpaitent therapies. Thanks to wonderful therapists  and my family and fathers commitment to his recovery, my father can now talk AND walk with the assistance of a walker/cane and a spotter.

While I am extremely greatful to still have my father, I can't help but wonder what I will be able to orchastrate in regards to my father daughter dance. While my father can stand, he cannot stand unattended and certainly cannot stand for a 3 minute song.

I have thought about the idea of dancing to "Sweet Child of Mine" with my father, thinking that he could just "jive" in his wheel chair out on the dance floor and then following the dance with a more serious one between my grandfather and I. I'm not quite sure! Please Help!

Re: Father/Daughter Dance Dilema!

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    I don't think you need to do a more serious one with your grandfather (some people say too many special dances is boring just to watch) and you can also cut the songs down shorter so they are not so much for a duration. I say get out there with your dad and just jive with him a little and hold his hand and spin around his chair. It will be beautiful no matter what.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I think "sweet child of mine" is a cute song to dance to. Like you mentioned you could just have him sit in his wheel chair and hold his hand while you kinda dance around him. Or you could have someone (maybe your grandfather) behind him steering his wheel chair that way he can move with you. HTH!!!
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    I'm kind of in a similar situation...a couple of years back my father's heart stopped and he was in icu and a coma for awhile...he is still weak and needs a walker and/or wheelchair.  I am so happy that he is able to be therefore my wedding but am trying to figure out what to do for the father/daughter dance.   I have thought about playing a song and sitting with him while the dance floor is open for others to dance, or having 1 song for father/daughter and mother/son and sit with him, or my father suggested having the dance with my brother instead.   I still have not decided which yet.
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    my freidn's mother has serious health issues. His mother son dance was just the chorus of a song so they got the experiance.
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