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Centerpiece DIY vs. Florist

Is it cheaper to make your own wedding centerpieces rather than buying from a florist?
Centerpieces that I have in mind DIY are clear vases with with water & led lights in it, maybe putting beads in the bottom and a few flowers submerged in the water. Or clear vases with a small tree branch, maybe flowers on some of the braches.  What you guys think?

Re: Centerpiece DIY vs. Florist

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    DIY is almost always cheaper, and I've considered making my own centerpieces too, but I'm not sure I can handle one most last minute thing to do before the wedding. At some point you have to realize your time is worth something too. Maybe you'll rock doing the centerpieces and there's something else you're need to delegate. What you save in money may not be worth it in reality.

    If you decide to DIY make sure you make a few ahead of time so know what it's going to take right before the wedding, and where your issues may be.

    PS I love the submerged flower idea.
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    If you are going to go with DIY use the kiss method.

    Otherwise a florist could be useful esp. if you have to purchase stones/tall vases/led lights or any silicone water changing goo stuff etc.

    The reason I say this is that wholesale is much cheaper than retail but only retail people have access to wholesale. Therefore if you do end up using a lot of accessories with your flowers, it may be better to have your florist provide them as they could use them over and over again.

    Therefore, if you do the DIY idea use the KISS method and use a tall vase with submerged cymbidium orchids or another tall flower such as calla lillies.. 

    Just some ideas...
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    The only way to know is to talk to a few florists and see what they will charge you for those centerpieces, then go to a craft store and see how much it will cost to make them yourself.

    I had centerpieces very similar to what you are describing, and I think my florist charged something like $10 each for them?  He owned the vases and charged a nominal rental fee for them (maybe $3 each?), then charged me for floating candles, tea lights, and the submerged flowers (we used tulips).    They magically showed up on the tables on the day, and magically were cleared away at the end of the night.  And I didn't have to figure out what to do with 10 random glass vases that I'll never use again:-)

    I didn't price what ours would have cost to DIY, but I'm almost certain I couldn't have done it for $10 each.

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    If it's in your budget and if you have a bigger wedding, go with the florist. Otherwise you will have to buy all the vases etc. yourself (and what the heck to you do with them afterward?) and set them up and take them down yourself after the wedding - the venue will likely insist that you get them out *that night*, not a few days after. Do you really want to stay behind to dismantle the centrepieces instead of getting to your wedding night business? Do you really want to ask your VIP guests to stay behind and help with this (or do it all for you) after what was a very big and long day for them too? There was no way my parents were going to lug a bunch of vases back to their home in a cab at the end of the reception.

    If you're having a small wedding (under 50 people) and only need a few centrepieces, then DIY might be best.
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    [QUOTE]We're doing this for ours - <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> FI & I drink enough wine and it has been kinda fun spray-painting them.  Our reception venue has been really cool about just arranging 3 bottles on a table with a small votive candle nearby.  Also check for centere piece items other brides may be selling.
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    <div>OMG, so clever and gorgeous!!!</div>
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    Thanks for the great advice and awesome ideas.  Much appreciated!  I can see how it would be one extra thing to be worried about on the wedding day.
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