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Help! Need Ideas for Mantle Decor!!!

I am getting married in a museum that is an old house that is not being used currently. There are a ton of fireplaces with just blank mantles (no pictures, mirrors, etc.). Anyone got some cost effective ideas for that??? THANKS!

Re: Help! Need Ideas for Mantle Decor!!!

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    We also have a fireplace mantle that I plan on decorating. I am planning on getting one of our engagement pictures blown up and placed up there. Then around it I am having some red roses in vases (not sure yet if they will be fake or real) then I am having candles scatted around as well.
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    You could do a garland for each mantle.  You could pick up some evergreen garland in the post-Christmas sales if your wedding is in fall or winter, or you can find garlands of silk flowers at most craft stores.
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    We did pillar vases with floating candles of various heights. The picture above the mantle was there and we weren't allowed to remove it -- otherwise we probably would have.

    I think it turned out nice.
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