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When to buy stuf

Hey Everyone, I was curious how far in advance you guys started buying stuff for the wedding?

I'm thinking things like the guestbook, flower girl basket, those kinds of things.


Re: When to buy stuf

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    We planned our whole wedding within 5 months so it was sometime in there.  The guestbook was about a month before because we didn't even plan on having one.  If you are worried about ordering and things being delivered you can order a couple months early.  Just remember that anything you start buying needs to be stored somewhere, and it piles up quickly.  We had a whole spare bedroom that became the wedding room, but if you don't have much space I would wait as long as you can.

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    Also be certain that you're really and truly going to use all this stuff.  You don't want to buy all this great pink and brown stuff now only to decide at six months out that you want black and white.
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    Thanks guys. I guess I was just worried about buying something and then having it go on sale, or waiting hoping for a better price and not having enough time, lol. I'm on a tight budget, can you tell?

    Thanks again.
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    You have plenty of time.  You can get many wedding related items at stores like Michael's and Jo Ann Fabrics, and they often put out 40% off coupons.  If you aren't already signed up then I definitely suggest signing up for their mailing lists.  We bought a ton of things at Michael's for our wedding because they carry a lot of black and white damask items and we didn't buy anything without a coupon.
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    I did the same thing as the pp.  I use the 40% coupons all the time to get one or two things at a time.  The sooner you get started on buying stuff the better.  Not to mention if you spend a little bit of money here and there it feels much better then spending thousands of $$$ in a weekend.

    The only problem with buying things in advance is that you have to have extra room to store things.  I have my Guest bedroom as my "wedding room" now.  lol

    Good luck

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    If you're going to DIY things, it's never too early to get started.  I bought those materials first so that I could do my few DIY projects over the summer.  Things like the guest book and accessories were more toward the end. 

    I agree with the PP though--make sure you know what you want so you don't end up with two cardboxes and 3 sets of earrings like I did.  :)
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    I agree about the coupons at Michaels, I have literally gone in, used one coupon, walked out and walked back in, because they only take one a day- but 40% off is great, plus they are having  a lot of those "madness" sales and will give you a coupon at the register, they are having another one tomorrow (4-9pm) 15% off everything, including sales.  If you work the coupons, you can get a lot of stuff cheap, just stockpile over time..  

    and don't change your mind! 
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