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free bridal suite

So I have had numerous people telling me that I should be given a bridal suite for free at our hotel where we reserved our block of rooms. Nothing like this was mentioned to me so I dont know if it's one of those things that they dont give you unless you ask or if its just not an option.
I just sent an email to the coordinator asking her about it. We are going through a Marriott and I was just wondering if any of you recieved a free bridal suite for your wedding night?
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Re: free bridal suite

  • tldhtldh member
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    For our second reception in California, FIL and SIL hosted it at a Marriott.  It was because of this, not because of a block of rooms, that we were given a free bridal suite and even then it was just for the night and not the week that we were actually staying there.  Also, it turned out to just be a large business suite with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries so I wouldn't expect anything too romantic.

    I would point out also that this was offered to SIL and FIL, they did not request it.  When I blocked rooms at the Marriott in Philadelphia for our wedding and reception here, it was never offered.
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  • The "free" bridal suite for the night after the reception is generally part of the pacakge you pay for when you have your reception at a hotel.  It is not associated with blocking rooms.  This was true at all the venues we looked at and the inn we ultimately chose for our wedding.  There was no free room associated with our room blocks at the other hotels where we had blocks.  

  • I wasnt sure but I have had numerous people tell me "oh well we got our suite for free that night" and I think only one of them had their reception at the hotel. Then I have others who have said "with the amount of rooms youre going to have booked for your wedding they should def give you a suite for free". We have ALOT of out of state guests coming as well as alot of partiers who are getting a room so they can celebrate and not have to drive anywhere. Oh well, like I said, I sent an email. Doesnt hurt to ask right?
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  • A free bridal suite was not originally offered; the local inn we use is in this cute country setting and our friends and families loved it when they came for the announcement party and engagement party (we held both there). The rehearsal dinner will be there as well as the cake tastings and we are hosting a post-wedding brunch with hot air balloons there the day after the wedding since most of our guest aren't leaving immediately.

    After our friends and families had such a great time there early last year, they booked out the entire inn for the wedding and payed cash in advance. The owners were so impressed that they called and offered a free bridal suite for the weekend. I'm sure that this isn't typical though, and I certainly didn't expect it; I think it depends on the hotel and their criteria and policies. Doesn't hurt to ask though....

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  • Forgot to mention that the Holiday Inn we used to block rooms at told us in advance that we would have to pay for the bridal suite; however, it was free if over 30 or 35 guests booked with them...can't remember exactly.
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  • I would ask about it.. never hurts.

    Where I'm from (Ontario, Canada) you usually only get a free room if you're having your reception AT the hotel, and in that case it's part of the package (so technically it's not really free).
  • That is what Double Tree offered if we had our reception there.

  • when i sighed with my venue l was notifed by a surrounding hotel that they worked together and that if i had blocked at least 5 rooms with them i would get a free suite for the morning to get ready and that evening for our first night as a married couple. hope this helps.
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    We blocked at Doubletree.  We got a free room (not suite) for every X number of rooms booked.  I forgot how many, but we ended up with 1 free room, and MIL slept in it.
  • I agree that it can't hurt to ask. We're getting a free bridal suite but it was stated in our initial contract and we're having our reception at the hotel. I don't think I would expect a free suite if I blocked rooms at a hotel but didn't have the reception there- but as stated earlier It can't hurt to ask. 
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  • Several of the hotels in the area of our venue offer a free bridal suite and a shuttle service to/from our venue with a certain number of rooms books (most are 10 rooms, though one or two require 12 rooms booked).
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  • We have to have 10 rooms booked then we get ours for free.
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  • we only get a free room if our room block reaches X rooms.
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  • My friend just booked her wedding today and they get a free jacuzzi suite with the package. It was stated in the information, along with champagne toast for the head table, blocked off rooms, etc.

    The hotels we are looking at staying in have deals for booking a certain amount of rooms. I found that information on my venue's website under their recommendations for hotels.

    I say it doesn't hurt to ask if they have any deals. If not, whatever, but if so then you got yourself a deal!
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  • We weren't offered a free room with our hotel block.  However, our hotel is a 100 room La Quinta Inn and we are not having our reception there.
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  • All the hotels I've asked at have said that with a block of rooms the bride & groom will get a complimentary upgrade to a suite.

    Not sure how fancy Marriott hotels are, but it's possible they just don't offer anything special. Ask around at a couple of different hotels and see if you can get a better deal.

  • We booked our reception at a Marriott and as part of the reception package we got a free upgraded room with a bridal amenity. but they also had a special going on and we got complementary rooms for our parents as well but only because we are having our reception there not because of the room block. We looked a a different Marriott when we were deciding on a venue and they didn't offer a free room for the bride and groom. So I think it just depends on the management/owner of the individual hotel.
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