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Does this sound alright??

Does this sound alright for a evening reception


-vegetable display

-fruit display

-cheese and cracker display

-mini ham and turkey sandwiches


-chicken strips

-chicken salad pastry cups

-pot stickers

-chocolate fountain with marshmallows, pretzels, and pound cake (they would also have the fruit display)


Then we would have punch, sodas, water and then of course the wedding cake and towards the end have a hot chocolate bar. (Our town is dry so we can't have alcohol)


What do you think?

Re: Does this sound alright??

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    It sounds a little light.  Are you doing this during dinner time?  
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    Agreed, these are not considered heavy apps.  You need more variety.
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    You forgot the potato salad. But everything sounds good.
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    Personally I dont eat half the items on your menu so I would be hungry. 

    Salads are cheap and easy to make.  Maybe have a salad station with different dressing options etc.  You could do a garden salad and a ceaser salad.

    Macaroni salad is good too. (The kind without yucky mayo).
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    To be completely honest, the food just doesn't seem special enough to serve at a wedding. It seems like a menu for a children's birthday party. It sounds like DIY catering, so why don't you look up fancier recipes? 
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    Thanks for the replies. I will look in to adding some pasta salad and may be some other options. :)

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