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Vintage Glam Theme

Ok, so I think I finally decided to do a "vintage glam" theme.  BUt I'm needing some inspiration.  My colors are black and white and I am thinking of adding a deep red.  I'm trying to figure out some really awesome centerpieces that go along with my theme!  I want something unique but I am so not creative.

ANy ideas for centerpieces?  Or really anything to go with the vintage glam theme??

Re: Vintage Glam Theme

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    Girl, I wish. I am so not creative enough (struggling with my own centerpiece ideas) but I love your concept!!!

    While I may not have the answers, this site will:

    Seriously, its like google but only for wedding stuff. Go nuts!!! :)
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    I love you for showing me that site! Amazing thanks!
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    Thanks for the vote on the band!

    I love vintage theme designs for everything, great choice!

    I think of the 30's, polka dots, peacock feathers, fishnets, mis-matched vases and glass jars on each table to hold your flowers and candles, and maybe even dried flowers. 

    You could do each table slightly different.  Collect fabrics and table clothes in black and white that are of different textures. One table might be black satan under a sheer dotted white and another might be white with a black lace over it. 

    I would do three small arrangements on each table as opposed to one large and collect vintage vases for them. Some should be black glass, some red glass and some metal, like a pewter or brushed nickel. Same goes for votives and their little jars.Your bouquets could be mostly white and then in some of the smallest vases have red bouquets that will really pop.  

    Antique jewelry would make awesome napkin rings, you could fasten brooches to wire in order to wrap them around the napkins.

    You could print your place cards on paper doilies, white ink on black paper.

    Your table markers could be taller, white ink on black, on tall narrow sheets of paper that are fastened to peacock feathers with bows made of a fishnet material and placed in a wire stand. 

    I think the key to pulling off a great vintage look to start collecting things like fabric and vases every where you go that way each piece is unique and therefore more vintage looking. 

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Wow amazing ideas!! Thank you so much!
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    I think you hit the nail on the head with the name of your theme, because that is what I'm going for too, and couldn't put it into words! Thank you! Ok, so my colors are marine blue and butter yellow.  I am enjoying antiquing, with a different vase for each table and keeping the flowers all cream with greenery.  I will add other pieces to the table to tie it all together.
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    Kdecker..I don't know how much you have looked around the boards BUT right after I posted this I found there is a whole message board dedicated to Vintage Brides and they have such great Ideas!

    On the left where all the forums are if you click on Wedding Theme Boards it will bring up the drop down menu and all you have to do is click the "Retro and Vintage Bride" board!

    ANd Vintage Glam is an amazing theme/inspiration!
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