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Mismatched centerpieces on long tables?

Im just wondering if this can work? because i havent been able to find any examples online

There will be two long tables with 12 people on each then the head table. i was just wondering if having different things all the way down the centre would look too crazy. 

I way thinking of having white table cloth with crochet or paper doilies like this 

for the table runner but in these colours (the wool)

Then have mason jars with single flowers, tea cups with candles in and all different white items like small white frame mirrors and things like this

is this just going to be too much? I hope this all makes sense!

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Re: Mismatched centerpieces on long tables?

  • Yes i think youre right, i think most of them things will look okay if i just place them along the table in a repetitive pattern even if the jars are different shapes and the teacups have a different things on them. 

    Yep i was thinking of placing jars with flowers in the woodpiece too, but then what would i put on the other two tables? is it okay to have one big thing in the middle of the tables if theyre not matching? 
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  • Table runner and mini frames with B&W pics of you and your FI (or, husband :)). I might might might do mis-matching mini frames, b/c that's more "my" personality, but IKEA has some cute little ones! Bud vases as well - just accompanying the frames for some dimension.
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