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DJ services?

Not really sure about the whole music part of the wedding. I know I want good music, but I have to try to fit everyone's taste in music. 
This is hard lol. Should I go with a band type thing or a DJ when I know my grandparents are going to be there?
Enchanted Celebrations said they would do a little bit of everything but I am kind of weary. 

Re: DJ services?

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    just a suggestion (based on what my friend just discovered at her wedding a few weeks ago)... be sure to spell out what the DJ is allowed and not allowed to do.  Her DJ helped himself to the bar, brought his girlfriend along, and dressed too casually for the occasion.  make sure that you are very specific... it's YOUR day... they will adjust to you if they are any good.

    I'm opting for a live band that does covers of songs from all decades, but then again, i'm fortunate because I know him and we can customize the song list.  I've seen him perform and know how he carries himself and it's a relief to know I won't worry about that portion!

    GOOD LUCK and Congrats!

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