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DJ Playlist??

Are you guys making up a playlist for your DJ? I know a few songs I do & don't want played but is anyone providing their dj with a long list of songs?

Any suggestions on fun songs to dance to?

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Re: DJ Playlist??

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    If you're going to spell out every song that you want played, you might as well just save yourself the money and run the music off an iPod.  Beyond your specific must play and do not play lists, a competent DJ will read the crowd and play appropriate songs.  That's what you're paying him for.
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    Im in the process of making a list of things I for sure want to hear, and the songs I absolutely cant stand. Its very small and I am not planning to make an extensive list of things I want played.
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    I made a playlist, but told the DJ to use his judgement if he got requests.  He ended up playing about 50% my playlist and 50% other stuff that people asked for, and it was awesome. He came up and asked me if it was ok since so many of the requests were not on my life.  My playlist had all my favorite songs, but not a lot of current stuff, and the mix was a nice blend.  I picked out two of my friends who know all the current stuff and told him to pay extra attention to their requests.  :)  I just wanted people on the dance floor, and that's what I got! 
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    Thanks for all your responses. I started making a do not play list including YMCA, Hands up..stuff like that! LOL Anyway, thanks again.

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    I added Love Shack to my Do Not Play list :)
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    Our DJ had a form for selections for specific things (like 1st dance song).  He also asked if we had any must play or do not play songs.  My DH's family is from South America, so there were a few songs that he wanted that a typical american DJ wouldn't know that he put on the must play.  Other than that, we just went over genres and it worked out well.

    Our dancefloor was packed all night.
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    I think it is important to make a playlist & a do not play list. This will at least give your DJ/MC an idea of your music taste.

    I have some music suggestions & song choices of our own that we love in my bio! I am a music fantic so I will be working off of that!
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