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Help with Glass/Crystal Theme :)


 We are getting married in a glass museum and I really want to play up the glass theme. Does anybody have ideas on how to incorporate this theme throughout our ceremony and reception? We will be getting married outside on the water, and the reception will be inside the actual museum. 

  I am really hoping to find a creative way to include glass centerpieces and guest favors. 

 Thank you so much! 
  :) Jennifer

Re: Help with Glass/Crystal Theme :)

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    You could use vases filled with interesting stones or crystals as your centerpieces, maybe set on a mirror.

    Favors, I would find something edible (perhaps cookies shaped like mirrors, that sort of thing) or skip them.
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    You can find crystal sprays to add to your flower boquets at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  Have your and your bridesmaid jewelry be crystal (earings, necklace, and braclets).  Centerpieces can be placed on mirrors.  You can have hurricane lamps with candles, surrounded by clear stones.  another option would be a vase or bowl with water and clear stones in the bottom; float one flower in the water.  If you are looking for something more vintage, shop antique stores for crystal doorknobs and colored glass vases, and do someting with that. 
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