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XP: DJ Announcements

I realize that its probably a little late to be figuring this, but better now than on Saturday.

My DJ is calling to go over all the song choices and confirm everything tonight. I was just wondering if I need to go over with him the things that need to be announced, or if that is something that he should already know how to handle, considering he is part of a reputable DJ business.

I know I will probably need to give him a list of names for introducing the bridal party, in the order that they will be in, but other than that, is there anything that I am missing? Dont they generally need a timeline of events, so he knows the approx. time to announce said events?

The lady who is helping run things at the venue seemed to be taking care of alot of this, so she may very well just tell him when to announce what. For example, she will go from table to table and let you know when you can go to the buffet, so there is not a line 100 people long. She said its classier to do it this way, rather than having the DJ scream it over a microphone. Agreed :)

Any advice here?
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Re: XP: DJ Announcements

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    You should go over a timeline with your DJ so that if you have special songs to play for cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, etc he know when to play them. Our DJ went over this with us and also touched base with the lady at our venue to make sure everyone was on the same page.

    As far as the buffet, if you are having captains call, your DJ should not announce it, so you're fine with that.

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    Just to make things easier, I would make up a document with the expected timelines and give a copy to everyone - photographer, DJ, venue host, MC and anyone else that might need it. 
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