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Round or Rectangular Tables?

Which one did you (or will you) use for your reception- rectangular or round tables?  Why?
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Re: Round or Rectangular Tables?

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    [QUOTE]Round because they're free with the venue."
    Posted by ElisabethJoanne[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>It didn't make sense to me to spend money on the types of tables. 

  • We did round tables because that's what the venue had. I was ok with it because I really don't have a personal preference. I always found it was easier to talk to people at a round table. I don't see how having to lean forward or backward to talk to the person 2 seat down from you at a rectangular table could be considered easier.

    The round tables the venue used could fit up to 12 people, but we tried to keep it around 10 so it didn't feel cramped.
  • I'm doing a mix of both, mostly because that's what our venue has to offer. It seems like most banquet/event facilities have rounds in stock, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that our venue had both. It will be a nice way to fill tables with differnt numbers of people, since the rounds seat 10 and the rectangles seat 8.
  • Our venues offers both as well. Tables seat anywhere from 6-10 ppl. I love the mixed look!
  • We'll most likely be using round tables because I think it's easier to talk to everyone and I already found cheap round table cloths in our color! Plus, it looks like you can fit more people better at a round table.
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