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Decor/chair cover question

I had originally planned to have white chair covers with purple sashes for our ceremony and reception. However, our venue is this old fort (hardwood floors, fireplace, old chandeliars, etc.) and it has this rustic feel to it and I'm not sure if the purple sash is too much and will take away from the simple, natural look and feel of the venue. My decor for the reception will be a charcoal table runner with an eggplant purple table runner on top and some simple centerpieces (an orchid in water) and lots of candles everywhere.

So, while we do have the colourful table linens for the reception, I'm thinking the purple sash is too much for the ceremony. But, then I waffle and think that perhaps not having the purple sash during the ceremony is too much white! lol  (We're having white candles on the fireplace and white roses for the aisle runner). I'm driving myself (and my DF) crazy with these thoughts and jumping back and forth. What do you gals think?

Here's a photo (sorry it's small) of the venue with the chairs the way they are (just wooden, so they blend in).

Here's another pic of a reception set up:  I think this might be a bit much...
I definitely want covers, just can't decide which!!!

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