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A friend of mine is planning her wedding, and would like to incorporate ice cream into the dessert service. She and her FI are big ice cream lovers. Has anyone ever heard of this? What is the best way to do it? Have the caterers serve several flavors and sit them out buffet style with toppings so guests can choose? Or guest self-service entirely? They were also thinking this could be an alternative to cake, which would be a small one just to cut for show and the cost saved with that would go into the ice cream. What do you think?

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    I would worry about it melting if it's sitting out all night.  I would see if you can bring it out either when the cake would be served, or possibly as a late night snack.  But either way, don't bring it out until it's ready to serve.
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    My fiance wants an ice cream buffet for dessert.  I think it might be fun... a few different flavors and a variety of toppings.  I would still get a cake though.
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    I LOVE this idea (since I love ice cream!)  We are having ice cream at our party/reception (having a destination wedding), but we'll be a beach club that has an ice cream window.

    Anyway, we went to a wedding that had ice cream, but they put it out and sort of never told anyone, so lots of it was melted.  (I can pretty much sniff out ice cream anywhere, so I found it!)  They had chocolate and vanilla pre-scooped in dishes with a toppings bar.  It would have been great if there was better communicated that it was out (since we also had cake delivered as dessert to the table and you had to get up to get the ice cream).  I think it might be too messy to have it all self serve.
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