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"Teen Table"?

So I did a breakdown of the age groups at our wedding. Aside from the 123 drinking-age adults, we also have 29 kids aged 0-11 (good Lord!) and 15 tweens and teens.

The 0-11 year olds need to sit with the parents, either because of their ages (the majority of them are 0-6--including our own son) or because I know they can't handle themselves. Each of their placesettings will have a goody bag of things to color, crayons, candy, small toys, etc.

Now for the t(w)eens.... I plan on having a table for them. I know I hated being 15 and having to sit next to my mom at a wedding.

What can I do for them? I was thinking stuff like earbuds (found them at the $ store) and glowsticks.... Any ideas?
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