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Do you think this is a bad/good idea?

Hey Ladies, I had a question for yall because I knew I could get some honesty!

My fiance and I are getting married this September on a Sunday night. We chose sunday because it is our 10 year anniversary. We booked our reception/ceremony place April 09'. We are having a short reception (ceremony starts at 5, then reception to follow until 8). This fit our budget and we figured would be better for a Sunday evening. Just recently we decided we wanted to hang out with out of town guests and family longer before we head to the hotel. We talked to the reception place and it was going to cost another $1000 just to add one hour to our package. (Our package is only $2500 to begin with because we got an awesome deal that she had going on at the time). So, adding an hour is not in our budget.

We were thinking of going to Sam's boat ( a bar and grill on the lake) after the reception and telling everyone if they want to come meet us we will be having drinks there till about midnight. I already know most of our friends would want to come because we love this place! But my question is do you think this is tacky? I don't want people to think we were trying to get away with a cheap reception and then going out afterwards where everybody would have to buy their own drinks. Do you think people will think of it as a 2nd reception? I do think at least 50 people would come... What do you think?
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Re: Do you think this is a bad/good idea?

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    I think this is fine.  It's not tacky, you're giving people the option not to come.  I would suggest that you not do a formal announcement, but spread by word of mouth that you are going to "x" after the ceremony and guests are welcome to "meet you there." This way people are not expecting you to be hosting the event and understand that it's strictly voluntary.
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    We are doing something similiar.

    Since we are having a morning wedding with a brunch reception, there will be no alcohol or dancing there (which is a good thing for some of my family). However at night, we will be hosting an "after party" for friends that will have booze and dancing. We will be either doing this at a VFW hall or in our own backyard. Our guests are actually excited about letting loose and just celebrating the wedding with us on a more intimate level.

    Don't give in to that absurd price for your hall. Have fun with it! (It might even give you an excuse to get a cute, casual little white dress for the time with your out-of-towners!!!!)
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    I think it's a great idea and not tacky at all, as long as you keep it casual and don't send out paper invitations.  That way people know that you aren't footing the bill.
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    Great idea. I went to a wedding that did something similar and they just put it on the invites. Said, ceremony (time and place0 followed by reception (time and place) followed by more drinks at food (time and place.)

    it was really fun, although I didn't stay the WHOLE time, it was optional and nearby, it was funny to watch the bride hike up her skirt and march around downtown to get to the after party. It was very fitting for them.
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    i don't think it's tacky at all. it's actually considerate for your guests because it's a sunday and you don't want them to feel like they have to stay late. so moving the party somewhere else later in the evening lets people go home if they want to and the people that still want to stay can.
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    Does not sound tacky at all-go for it!
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    Think of it as an "after party"  which is completely appropriate!  To get the word out, you could put the info on your wedding website, or do word of mouth.

    It's your wedding, your moment, your memories.  Enjoy!

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