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Sparklers....but not for a send off!

We are getting married on the 4th of July at a large hotel. As most guests will be traveling (including us!), most people are staying at the hotel all weekend. Both the ceremony and the reception will be there as well.

I would LOVE to do sparklers to celebrate not only our wedding but also the holiday. There really wont be a "send off" because everyone is staying in the building.

I talked to the hotel and they said we could do them as long as it was outside. Would it be tacky to give sparklers as favors and have a "sparkler time" when people who are interested can go out and light the sparklers? I figure this would allow for some great pictures as well.

Is this weird for a wedding?

Re: Sparklers....but not for a send off!

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    If you are getting married on the fourth of july, I think that'd be cute to give as a favor.  You could find ones that light in a similar color to your wedding.  The pics would be cute.  If it's in budget, you could find little boxes to put them in for each person and put your names and wedding and a cute saying that would relate the sparklers to your marriage (It's still too early for me to try to think one up Lol).  I think that all of your guests would have fun with it.  If they were at home, they'd probably be playing with them there.  Best of luck and happy planning!
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    We're doing the same thing, except we'll be outdoors.  I think it will go over well.  Who doesn't love sparklers? 
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    Keep in mind that it may get too smokey for really good pictures.  we did a sparkler send off at my friends wedding and the smoke was unbearable.  Make sure there is a lot of open space.  Do a practice run now with some friends and family to help you decide if this is what you want.
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    Thank you so much!! I never thought about the smoke!
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