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Instead of place cards...

My MOH just gave me the greatest idea, so I wanted to share it here.  Instead of making a name card for every guest so they know where to sit, just put their names and table numbers on a list, and give copies of the list to your ushers (or someone else assigned to the job).  Have them stand by the door as guests arrive at your reception, ask their names, and tell them their table number.  I thought it sounded like a really nice, personal touch, making it seem more like "Welcome, we've been expecting you!"  Plus, you save on paper because you don't have to print all the place cards!
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Re: Instead of place cards...

  • I'm not sure how large your wedding is, but make sure you have at least two people per entrance and are very organized. I was recently at a wedding that attempted the same idea and it did not go very well. They had a wedding of 300 plus and only two people informing guests where to sit. It ended up being a very long time to wait in line and was not a very good experience.

  • that's different... BUT honestly, what if people forget? what if they get there a little late? will the ushers be waiting for late arrivals?

    Someone could tell me something and I'll forget it as soon as they are done talking... it's pretty bad... so I'd be on the lookout for that too...

    It might be MORE of a hassle (esp. to your ushers) by having them play "doorman" at your wedding.

    You're guests already KNOW that you've been expecting them.. hence why they are a guest at your wedding!

    Also note that as PP said your guests don't want to wait in line for their seating chart.. then wait in line at the bar for a drink.. then wait in line to be seated... so it could be more of a hassle to your guets also...

    think about this one for sure!


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  • I think it'd be better if you paid someone to do that, otherwise your ushers won't be able to enjoy the cocktail hour at all.  Depending on the size of your wedding, this could also lead to a lot of waiting around for your turn to find out your table number.  And I agree with PP about the risk of forgetting.
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    Thanks for the thoughts, everyone.  I think it will work fine with the number of people at my wedding and the way it will be set up, although I think we will try to get a third person to help, so there won't be a line.  There won't be much of a "cocktail hour," per se, so I don't think people will forget their table, because that will be the first place they'll go once they are told the number.
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