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which would you rather have?

smores bar
candy buffet
popcorn bar

Re: which would you rather have?

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    Either smores or popcorn. If you'rre doing it for favors and not as part of the reception food, definitely popcorn
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    Candy buffet.

    But I'm not going to your wedding.  What do you want?
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    As much as I love smores, I wouldn't want to eat them at a wedding because they're messy and I'd be dressed nice. I'm personally not the biggest fan of popcorn, so my choice is the candy buffet. I may also be biased because we had a candy buffet at ours. But, I think the popcorn bar is more original and less overdone. 
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    Smores can be really  messy, and probably aren't a good option if you are having a lot of kids.

    I love popcorn, but don't like how it gets stuck in my I would vote for candy:-)
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    Smores bar!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: which would you rather have?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Smores can be really  messy, and probably aren't a good option if you are having a lot of kids. I love popcorn, but don't like how it gets stuck in my I would vote for candy:-)
    Posted by Avion22[/QUOTE]

    ^^^All of this.

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    Candy.  Smores are messy and popcorn doesn't really do much for me.
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    I dislike candy bars.  I'd much prefer s/mores or popcorn!
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    i'm nt a fan of smores really. i'd prefer the candy or popcorn bar.
    i suggest you check with your venue regardingt he open flames for smores as well.  and if theres little kids-probably a no no. i also wouldn't eat one in a gown. far too sloppy.


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    In lieu of s'mores, would you consider a chocolate fountain?

    If not, I vote Candy.
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    That's what we had and it was a hit

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    We are having a candy bar at our reception and I have found so many neat ideas just through google images!
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    Candy bars seem a little over-done to me.

    I would do a popcorn bar with lots of options. Cheese, caramel... there are some gormet popcorn shops around here that have about 10 flavors. It might be cute to do big bowls with popcorn balls in them too... adds some cute visual interest and variety.
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    I reaaalllllyyyy wanted a popcorn bar but since we are having our reception at our church, it seemed really difficult to have to stay so late at night vacuuming the floors because popcorn is everywhere. It was just too messy.
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    Candy buffet! We had one at our wedding (guests were in the age range of around 30, and the rest around 60) and once the DJ announced the candy bar was open, the adults flocked to it so fast!! It below my mind...I didn't think it would be such a hit but it was! It's like an adults child fantasy!
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    Smores, smores, smores, smores!!! They are such a guilty pleasure of  mine.
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    Candy (if you'll be having a lot of kids present)
    Popcorn (if its a more laid-back or quirky reception)
    S'mores( if you're doing an outdoors reception -- build a bonfire and you're all set!)
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