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Family Style dinner


Re: Family Style dinner

  • Yup, on the formal scale, buffet is at the bottom, plated is at the top, and family style is in the middle.

    I prefer family style over buffet.  Waiting in line and carrying the food isn't fun.  In some cases, I even prefer it to plated.  Sometimes the meal you choose ahead of time isn't necessarily what you want once that day arrives.  Family style at least gives you options.

    The only issue with family style is that the platters take up a lot of room on the table.  If you choose this option, don't pick a large centerpiece.
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  • In Response to Re: Family Style dinner:
    [QUOTE]since the venue keeps the food coming the 'porker' isn't an issue. also=-the SERVERS are supposed to serve the food, not have the guests pass it around-that's how i've seen every family style place do it.
    Posted by alithebride[/QUOTE]

    That's not family style - when servers bring platters of food to a table and serve it to each guest item by item, that's called french service. Family style is when platters of food are placed on the table and passed from guest to guest, just like you'd do at home with your family.

    We did a family-style wedding at the catering hall I work at over the summer. It was a thanksgiving meal in July, and it was actually REALLY nice.
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    thanks again everyone!
  • We're doing family style for our semi-formal wedding in April. Everyone has their own opinions regarding service style, so do what you and your FI prefer. I think that family style is a good middle ground between plated and buffet but definitely make sure that your caterer will ensure there will be enough food regardless of any rude guests.
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  • I love the idea of family style dinners at a wedding, but hadn't heard of it before this post! I always kind of hate buffet style meals at weddings (waiting in line is no more fun at a wedding than in a store) but have been trying to figure out how to pay for plated meals. Now I'll look for it as an option when I'm planning my reception. 
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