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Photo Booth Alternatives?

Hi Brides,

I just wanted to know if anyone has attended any weddings with any cool 'extras...' or if you are having any at your own weddings...

My best friend got married recently and did the photo booth thing. It was a huge hit, but since her wedding was so recent, I don't want to do the same thing. I just wanted something 'extra' for the guests during the reception. I thought about commissioning an artist to do a live portrait, but found out they are WAY too expensive for our budget!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Thank you kindly! :)

Re: Photo Booth Alternatives?

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    We are having a vintage photo booth at our wedding next week with lots of fun hats and mustahes for people to incorporate. I have seen photo booths become really fun with props and Lots of drinks ;)
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    just thought of this one too: you could make the photo booth into a red carpet style and take photos of your guest in front of a backdrop (with your wedding logo) like they do for clebebrity events.
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    AWESOME ideas guys!! I love the vintage photobooth and the red carpet...will definitely use at least one of those :) Thanks so much!
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