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Centerpeice Dilemma

I'm working on my centerpieces. At first I was just going to do the three flowers with ribbon around the mason jar and sand with pictures of us inside the jars, but after I looked at them they seemed to be missing something. I've came up with two additions but cant seem to choose. Please give your opinons!
A Bow (I can always make the bow smaller)

A Brooch (not nessaceraly this particular one, its just one I had around the house from a friends wedding)

Re: Centerpeice Dilemma

  • Do you think I should make the bow smaller? A friend said the bow takes away from the flowers. 
  • I like the 2nd one better

  • I like the brooch.  I also would make the bow a bit smaller if you went with it.

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  • The bow seems more cost effective so I vote bow. 
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  • I like the 2nd one as well...i think with the bow it looks like to much..just my opinion : )
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    What if you wrapped something around the middle instead -- I'm inclined to agree with your friend who said it somewhat detracts from the flowers.
  • I like the bow better! I feel like if you go with the brooch it should be tied around the middle of the jar so it makes more of a statement on its own instead of being used as an accent piece. Plus the bow is cuter with the daisies. ;)

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    If you keep the bow, it definitely either needs to be smaller or a thinner ribbon.  It does make your eye focus on it rather than your flowers or the jar as a whole.  The brooch is pretty and my favorite of the two, but it makes the bottom half of the jar look very plain.  This will work if you put the sand & picture inside the jar, but sand + brooch is an odd combination, IMO.  Is the jar tinted blue, or is that just the lighting?  If not, and you don't use the sand idea - what if you spray painted a lace pattern on the jar?  I saw this on Pinterest and it looked really nice.  Not sure how that goes with your wedding theme though.  Good luck!
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  • I like the brooch also.
  • The flowers look crowded, they need longer stems as PP said.  I also don't care for the tulle in the jar, better to add more flowers than the ribbon.
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