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No centerpieces?

My fiance and I just picked the venue for our ceremony and reception.  It's a beautiful building constructed to look like an old castle in the middle of a small town.  It's pretty much adorable, and all things fairytale-esque. 

I'm not necessarily the type of girl that wants all the glitz and glamour.  My dress is very simple, and I'm wearing red shoes and a flower in my hair.  We're on a very tight budget, but we fell IN LOVE with this place (it's expensive) so we're cutting down everywhere else. 

My question is, can I cut out centerpieces?  They're not all that important to me, but I'm wondering if it would be weird.  The place is quite decorative all on its own...the design, structure, etc.  Many of the pictures on the website don't have centerpieces, either.

Here is the website with pictures:

Re: No centerpieces?

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    You don't have to, our centerpieces are doubling as our favors.
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    nope you don't need to have centerpieces bit maybe just a few tealight candles on each table would be nice. you can get these super cheap at ikea. or like PP said if you have favours that you would fill up the table a bit that would work too.
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    What a beautiful venue. I was going to suggest candles as well, since they are a lot cheaper than flowers. I would still have centerpieces, but consider non-floral options.
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    Centerpieces are totally optional.  The venue looks beautiful enough on it's own!
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    Maybe throw a bottle or two of wine on each table and maybe sme tealights?  Venue is beautiful!
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    You don't have too, but having something in the middle but be a nice touch. Votives with flower petals are really nice and really inexpensive. Also you can have your table numbers or favors double as a centerpiece too, it's just how you do it. I like the wine bottle idea-- you could do table numbers on the wine bottles.

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    My vote is for the wine bottle table numbers! 

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