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XP Wedding cake experiences survey

I've been contemplating cake flavors/fillings and would love your input:
1.  What was/were the best wedding cake flavor(s) flavor/filling combination(s) you've had?  Why (if applicable)?

2.  Worst/Bad cake memories?  Why (flavor, combination, poorly made, etc.)?

3.  Any flavor/combination that you've wanted to have as wedding cake?

Thank you!

Re: XP Wedding cake experiences survey

  • i love lemon curd as a fillig, but im from the south its used a lot.  its got a tang to it.  i know lots of brides use fresh strawberries  and sometimes a red velvet for top tier.

    bad memories is cake not be steady and nobody eating cake. cake was dry
  • ooo forgot if anything has coconut or cherries i wont eat it. cant stand either.  i love coffee and green mint chip tho. green mint more ice cream flavor.  i love coffee
  • 1. What was/were the best wedding cake flavor(s) flavor/filling combination(s) you've had? Why (if applicable)?  Champagne with strawberry filling.  It was delicious.  I was really upset my baker didn't offer it.

    2. Worst/Bad cake memories? Why (flavor, combination, poorly made, etc.)?  Dry cake with too sweet buttercream icing.  Dry cake is the worst.

    3. Any flavor/combination that you've wanted to have as wedding cake?  I had tres leches at my wedding and it was my second favorite only to the one above. 
  • Honestly, the best weddings I have been to have had a non-cake dessert option.   I guess I'm weird, but I just don't like cake that much.   But that cakes I prefer are moist and light, not too sweet, with natural flavors and fillings (like fruit).   I hate it when I eat cake and it sits like a brick at the bottom of my stomach.
  • Southern cutie, I love lemon curd!  Stephanie & Avion, I agree: dry cake is awful!  I'm determined that ours will look and taste good!  I hadn't thought of tres leches ... interesting option.

    Thank you all, and I'd love to hear more!
  • Worst experiences are usually just bad cake.  Dry, flavorless, bad  flavor combinations, yucky fondant. 

    My sister had a carrot cake that was terrible.  There were more raisins, dates, and nuts than cake. I don't like any of those items. It fell apart as you cut it. Plus, the baker flat out refused to use cream cheese icing on it, and you have to have that on carrot cake.  She used a seven minute (super fluffy) icing that had no flavor other than sugar.  I love super sweet stuff, but this just wasn't good.

    I was asked to serve cake at a then-friend's wedding about 20 years ago. (Don't get me started on THAT.)  It was covered in navy blue roses.  My fingers were blue for a week from the food coloring, and they didn't think to have actual serving pieces for us to use, so we cut and served with plasticware.  I got frosting all over me.  That was bad.

    Another friend had her cake displayed in an un-airconditioned church basement in June when it was 95 outside.  The frosting melted and it collapsed.  Tasted ok, but it looked bad.

    I'm not a fan of plain white cake with plain white filling.  Boring, uninteresting to eat, dull, and a waste of money. At least get a flavored filling.  That makes me think you took a few minutes to think about it.

    The best ones just had good flavor, not dry, not too sweet, and flavor combinations that work well together and are interesting, not so outlandish that you have to look something up on your phone so you know what you're eating. 

    And no fondant. Ever. Ew.  Makes me think you care more about what it looks like than if it's good to eat.
  • my daughter wont eat cake lol even as a kid at bdays she would eat the icing and then give me the cake sans icing woot wot lucky me lol
  • I really appreciate the feedback!  RebeccaB, I'm cringing at the blue fingers, and who would *refuse* cream cheese frosting on a carrot cake?!?  I'm not a fan of fondant, and am a big fan of a good buttercream.

    I'm glad to hear that some variety / departure from the usual is OK and maybe even a good thing. FI is making the groom's cake, so that provides a chocolate option, and I'm thinking something fairly classic for the bottom tier of the bride's/wedding cake:  something white/light (vanilla bean, almond, hazelnut, etc.)--thanks for passing on the teeth tip, Harry87--with a fruit filling (I really like raspberry when done well and not chemically-artificial).  The second tier is completely up for grabs; I tend to be drawn to more exotic flavors (loved the sound of that passionfruit cake, and "chai latte" jumps out at me from the list one of the bakeries gave us) -- I didn't know if something different would be good/interesting or weird.  I guess we'll see how the tastings go.

    Thank you again for the responses, and I'd be glad to hear more.
  • All the weddings I've been to have had just plain jane vanilla cake.  I never finish eating those.  Empty boring calories.

    When my cake vendor sat down with me, I was so enamored with the flavors that she presented, that I told her "to heck with it, 3 tiers with 3 different flavors!"  One will be oreo cookie (my fiance's choice :P ), one will be chocolate with salted caramel filling, and one will be pumpkin with maple filling in honor of the fall timing of the wedding.

    Totally going to gain 20 lbs after the wedding, finished up that.

    Don't make me mobilize OffensiveKitten



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