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I Hate Dances!!!

I don't want to have a dance! any other ideas for what i could do for some entertainment??!!

Re: I Hate Dances!!!

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    A specific dance or dancing in general?
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    Just because you hate to dance doen't mean you're guest hate it too.  Have some background music so your guests have the option.  As far as other entertainment it's not needed. As long as there are food and drinks people will mingle on their own.
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    You don't need "entertainment." Good food, drinks, music, and conversation make for a lovely party. We hate to dance, too, which is one of the reasons we opted for a morning wedding and lunch reception. We don't mind if other people dance, but we didn't want to feel pressured by them and then be annoyed at our guests, so we lessened the expectation of dancing by going with a daytime event. You could do that. Or, if you don't mind others dancing and it won't affect you in any way, have an evening reception and just don't dance yourselves. If you have an evening reception with no dancing, be prepared for it to end early. 
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    Do #2, as stated above. Just b/c YOU don't like dancing doesn't mean your guests don't. I'd be very bored at a wedding that didn't have dancing.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:e0ad51a5-2421-4f94-9955-35034d2cc0e8Post:e0ef14f7-2c2a-4928-8a7d-f3646e9231d3">I Hate Dances!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't want to have a dance! any other ideas for what i could do for some entertainment??!!
    Posted by Laurajgoe[/QUOTE]

    I know some brides will tell you if you are opposed to dancing, the solution might be to have a morning or afternoon reception. Most "evening" receptions are more of a fun, party atmosphere and people might expect dancing to occur.

    you know you're crowd best. If you think they are expecting dancing, you might want to consider that..It doesn't mean you have to do it
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    I'm not that into dancing either. I haven't been to a reception with no dancing, but I was thinking that I've been to many parties without dancing so I kept that in mind while writing this post.

    One thing that might help is if you rented some cool furniture and arranged some areas for group socializing and some for smaller, intimate conversations (in addition to the regular dinner tables). It would also be great if there was a small outdoor area. Again, thinking of this from the standpoint of a regular party, there are always some people gathered by the couch, some standing up by the kitchen nook (where the drinks are), and some hanging outside on the deck so recreating this type of atmosphere might facilitate socialization more than staying at the round tables after dinner would. I'm picturing a lounge-y atmosphere.
    Another thing that comes to mind is having it at a visually interesting place like an art gallery or sculpture garden where guests can walk around after dinner and take in the scenery.

    A photo booth can provide some brief entertainment.

    I'm not big on group games for sure, but perhaps you could place some small, conversation-starter games (think Table Topics) throughout the room that guests can either use or ignore.

    ETA: Will you have music? I think you should still have music. If you don't want a DJ since there's no dancing, at least consider some type of iPod solution. You could even set it up so guests can request songs, which would be another fun activity.

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    OP, I hope you come back. I'm so interested in this topic and want to talk about it more. Am I the only dork that ever feels this way about a post?
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