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how to have dancing at an afternoon reception

I've been thinking of having an afternoon reception, as it's much cheaper than evening. At my reception, I'd really like to do the traditional father-daughter dance.  How do I incorporate dancing into my afternoon reception?

Re: how to have dancing at an afternoon reception

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    Have music and a dancefloor?  Are you serving food, drinks, etc.?  If it's a reception and you play music, you've incorporated it.
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    I agree, it's definitely appropriate to have dancing at an afternoon reception. People like to dance at any point in the day :) One way that might make it seem especially "afternoon-like" would be to have a swing band or something along those lines that people are used to encountering at daytime events, like town parades, etc. Your wedding will automatically not be like a parade, but the mood of the music is fun and happy, and fits into an afternoon.
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    If there's dancing music, I will dance any tome of the day!
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    Thanks! I do plan to serve food, but I wasn't sure if having dancing would be appropriate for the afternoon. I feel better now, reading your feedback.
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    Have a good dj.  That's really all it takes to have dancing at a reception.  FWIW:  I had an afternoon reception (albeit a long time ago) and the dance floor was never empty.

    Dancing is not determined by the clock.
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    afternoon receptions are the same as evening receptions. Drinks, a meal, and dancing with a DJ/band.

    I don't understand the question.
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