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small wedding- big headache- seeting arrangments? please help!

My Fi and I have been together for 9 years engaged with a date 11/11/11 for 5 of those years . We are "trying" ot have a smalll yet sheik wedding in Newport . The venue is set and of course the invites sent . We are expecting betweeen 50-60 people . cocktaills, ceremony in front of the fireplace,  dinner, more cocktails.
the venue is a lovely restaurant and instead of a private room we are going to be in the main dining room - they may even be regular folks in for dinner that night when we are there
My father has insited that I invite some family members that I am not close to- nor even really friendly with .....and  was not planning on in invting - I acquiesced to make him happy - now to the point- he wants me to do seating arrangments - he wants to sit with people from my MOMS side of the family (divorced 35 years ) and not with the people that he "asked" me to invite !
I was not planning on seating arrangments - thinking "it's casual..people can socialize before and after - I really want to skip the headachs of trying to fit the various groups into certain size tables. Futher - if I do seating arrangemts - I would certainly put my father with the people he asked me to invite , creating some dissapointment and or at least more stress for me .
so girls I'm counting on you to help me handle this !
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