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How much do candy tables typically cost, if we set it up ourselves?  

What kinds of things did you have at your candy bar?

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    Its hard to say with you not giving up any information? How many guests? How many varieties of candy do you want? What types? Will you have other dessert? ....
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    [QUOTE]How much do candy tables typically cost, if we set it up ourselves?   What kinds of things did you have at your candy bar?
    Posted by FloridaMichelle[/QUOTE]

    It really depends.  If you want to get REALLY fancy, they can be very expensive.  If you want the candy to color coordinate with your wedding, you are increasing your costs.  If you want super fancy candy jars, those can get pricey.

    I got my candy jars from another bride selling them on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.  I also bought some centerpiece vases from her, so I only paid about $20.00 for the candy jars.  I didn't care if my candy matched my wedding colors, so I just got a big variety of candy at Costco (almond toffee, licorice, M&Ms, sour candy, and a couple other things that I can't remember.  I think I spent about $60.00 on candy, at most.  I spent $15.00 on to-go containers that were in our wedding color.  So, in total, it was less than $100.00.
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    Mine was expensive.  I got all white-candy, got my jars at TJ Maxx and Marshall's (sold them after the wedding), plain white Chinese take out boxes that I decorated myself, and then had candles and petals on the table.  I guess you could consider mine "fancy" but I had a hotel wedding and wanted to make it elegant.  My problem was that I bought too much candy--for 120 guests, I bought 1/2 lb. per person, whereas I should have done 1/4 lb.  All in all, I spent around $400 but probably could have done it for around $250.

    I had:  jelly beans, M&Ms, french mints, champagne bubbles, pre-wrapped personalized mini candy bars, and yogurt covered pretzels.  Getting mismatched, wrapped candy locally will save you alot. 
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    You can do a candy table on the low end or pretty extravagant and expensive. 

    My candy table had table cloth, runner, candles, bubble string lights and flowers decorating it.  I used apothecary jars that I got for $20ish.  I also had to get scoops and tongs.  I had 5 types of candy in my wedding colors.  Sixlets, rock candy, gummi  type candy, chocolate covered peanuts, and yogurt pretzels.  I used Chinese take out boxes and made cute little tassles for them.  I only had 35 guests for my costs per person were higher.  I think it took me $400 to throw it together plus I had quite a bit of candy left over.
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