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:) i need advice..

I wasn't really sure where to put this on the boards, but here it goes.....

Originally, my fiance and I decided we were definatly going to have the wedding at Mouse Trap Lanes, Woodbine, NJ. Now, we're thinking we might change it to another bowling alley in our area, but I'm really nervous about it. The wedding is four months away, and we haven't put any money down on anything just yet (the alley told us to wait until september) and the invitations have not gone out yet. The reason we're thinking of changing the venue is because our current venue maxes out at 120 people, and we're probably going to have more than that (which we didn't think it was going to be this large). So, my question to everyone is, is it okay this late in the game to change the venue? 
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Re: :) i need advice..

  • I'm not totally sure I understand; if you don't have a contract with the first bowling alley and you haven't printed invitations yet, what downside would there be to changing venues?

    Assuming I'm correct in those assumptions (1. There's no contract with the original bowling alley and/or no penalty for breaking it, and 2. Invitations haven't been printed), you should absolutely change your venue so that there's enough room for everybody!
  • thank you so much! I just needed reassurance. Yes you're assumptions are correct. Sunday, the fiance and I are going to talk to the other bowling alley and see if the accomidations are possible. I think I might cry if everything works out lol. I was just affraid since the wedding is only 4 months away.
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  • Good luck- I hope it works out for you!
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