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Do people actually dance at lunch receptions?

I am considering a lunch reception since it is cheaper than a dinner reception at the venue I want to book. But will guests dance in the afternoon? I am afraid that no one will want to dance but me and a few of my friends. Any suggestions on how to get people in the dancing mood?

Re: Do people actually dance at lunch receptions?

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    I've been to a lot of afternoon receptions and none of them had a DJ or dancing.  I think your chances are higher if you serve alcohol though, the ones I went to were dry.
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    I think lighting will be a big help.  For me, dancing = mostly dark, with a few effects lights.  If it's all light and airy, I'd feel weird getting my groove on.  Alcohol will definitely help, most people I know don't hit the dance floor without it.
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    They do in my family.  I've been to a lot of afternoon weddings and everyone had a packed dance floor.

     Honestly until I come on the knot I didn't know people didn't dance at afternoon weddings.

    fwiw - our group loves to drink, eat and dance at weddings.  We really do not care what time of day it is.

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    My friend had an afternoon wedding where the dance floor was packed. However, this may have been because they essentially had a "night time" reception at 12 in the afternoon:  cocktail hour, 4 hour open bar, 5 course meal (Prime rib was an entree option). I'm not sure if doing it that way had any effect on it.

    I come from a family where pretty much you get more than 10 people together and have food (Even if it's just Chinese take-out), it becomes a party of some sorts. We don't need booze to boogie-down ... but people also give us weird looks in public, lol.

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    The lunch weddings I've been to all had dance floors, and people used them. There was just a little less dancing is all.

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    If there is dance music, I will dance, no alcohol required.  Not everyone is going to dance in the evening either.  If you want to dance, DANCE!
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    My wedding was a month ago, on a Sunday, at noon. People danced the entire time. We did have an open bar and had dim lighting so I guess that all added to the ambiance. But yes, people do dance at lunch receptions!
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    I never heard of a difference btw evening and lunch receptions till the knot. All afternon receptions I've been to had full meals and a DJ and tons of drinking and dancing. Honestly it usually leads to either a great after party or passing out early!
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