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Linen help!

I ordered my linens from about a month ago because they were on sale-they were about $2/cloth cheaper than anything else I could find so I bought 13 90inch round peach tablecloths (our colors are coral, peach, yellow, and sage green)

Now LTC has their neutral colors on sale and I could get ivory cloths for about $5 more total.

What I was originally planning with the peach was to make neutral colored runners to break up all the color, plus we have centerpieces, place settings, etc that would help break up the color too.

Now I am second guessing and am wondering if I should return the peach and get ivory cloths. 

Our reception is being held in a downtown loft (exposed brick, original wood) and we are going for a vintagy-eclectic feel.

What would you do? Keep the peach or return and order the ivory?
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