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To start, I don't drink that much wine. so I know nothing about it; dry, sweet, tart, etc.

BUT, I know that I should have wine at the bar for the reception.. Any ideas on what types/brands to get? I'm thinking one-two types.

I am def. getting Horton's XOCO-Blanco, the ONLY wine I drink. (tastes just like a tootsie roll!) But it tastes like chocolate, so I thought I could serve it during the whole cake cutting part. (or the entire time)

Any ideas?

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Re: Wine?

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    Cycles Gladiator Syrah is a good red wine.  It's very smooth.  :)
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    You'll want to offer both a red and a white.  The dessert wine is nice, but I would offer it in addition to traditional red/white options.  For red, I'd suggest a merlot or cabernet.  The majority of red wine drinkers like both of those.  Both are well recognized and broadly appealing varietals.  For white, I'd do either a chardonay or savignon blanc.  

    As for which one (brand) to offer, if you are buying from a liquor store, ask the store for a few suggestions in the price point you are looking for, buy a bottle of each, and do a little tasting party.  

    Since you are offering the chocolate wine, stay away from sweet red/white options.  Most real wine drinkers avoid sweet wines.  
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    Cpmpletely agree with PP. You need to serve a red and a white wine - on top of the dessert wine in which you are referring too. 
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    Ditto PPs regarding one red and one white wine.  For white, personally, I'd go with a sauvignon blanc (crisp, light, refreshing) vs. a chardonnay (a bit heavier and more robust).  For red, I'd go with a merlot (usually smoother, velvety) vs. a cabernet sauvignon (typically a bit more harsh).  Just my own preferences.  Wine drinkers would generally be happy with any of these, though.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that price is indicative of quality or flavor.  Some low-priced wines are wonderful, and some high-priced ones are awful.  These days, one can't even generalize that corks = good wine and screw tops = bad wine.  Modern winemakers are coming to realize that the traditional cork does not preserve the integrity and quality of the wine as well as plastic corks or screw tops.

    My all-time favorite white is Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc, which is crisp, refreshing and delicious.  Inexpensive, (around $10/bottle with a screw top) yet I first had it at an obscenely expensive and swanky restaurant in Chicago.  Not easy to find in stores, but a wine merchant or liquor store can order it.  As an added benefit, if you're having a beachy/coastal wedding, Seaglass fits in with the theme.
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    I used to work wedding receptions and most usually had a red and a white for choice.  The most popular were a Chardonney and a Cabernet.  Usually you can ask your reception site to taste their options of even house wines that they have.  But those two wines were the most popular that i've seen at weddings whether it was just at the bar or butler passed.
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    DItto the others that a red and a white would be appropriate. The wine you're talking about appears to be a dessert wine, but not something you'd serve with the meal itself. In my crowd, I'd do a shiraz for the red and a pinot grigio for the white. I don't know anyone who actually would choose to drink chardonnay unless that's the only option available (which unfortunately it is often is).
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    I'm not a Red wine drinker at all. I prefer whites, but I saw this online the other day and I know that I'll be trying some of these. Maybe if you're wanting some ideas,  it'll help.

    Good luck!
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