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April 2012 Weddings

April 28, 2012

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  I can barely contain my excitement.  Sitting at work is so hard when all I am thinking about is this weekend :)

I hope the other April 28th brides are as excited as I am and not stressing out too much!  At this point, whatever will be, will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to last weekend's brides :)

Re: April 28, 2012

  • Five DAYS!!!! Thank you and Congrats!!! I was stressing soooo much, since I hit day 10, I became more excited and I am trying to lesser the stress-load!!! And..... YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Aww I'm so excited for all of us! I've definitely taken the "I'm not gonna stress about anything" approach now. I want to enjoy Saturday as much as I can and I'm really not gonna let anything keep from doing just that! Best of luck girls! And yes, it is really hard being at work right now lol
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    Can't wait! These few days left at work are going to drag!
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  • I think time is flying by...I feel as if I am walking on air.  I'm at work, but not at work.
    Because all I can think of is..... April 28th!!!
    I am just excited as the rest of you and not stressed out at all! 
    This is an exciting time for us and all we can do is revel in it because these feelings will pass as soon as we become Mrs'!
    Then we can be as lovey dovey as we wish.Tongue out

    Congratulations (and hang in there) to my fellow April 28th brides!

  • Agreed, it is getting more real and more exciting every day!
  • I'm SO excited for April 28th to get here, but honestly I think I'm more excited for the 29th! I'll wake up that morning and it will be my birthday (woo hoo!), I'll be married to my best friend, I'll have had an amazing day before surrounded by friends and family, and I'll be on my way to St. Thomas...bring on the 29th!! ;)
  • Wow.  That sounds awesome, xos0inlove!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Since neither one of us will be here for my to tell you that on your birthday...hee hee.
    Enjoy your weekend.
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    It's so soon!!! I'm trying my best not to stress, but it's hard. I feel like there are a million logistical things that aren't figured out! But at least the forecast no longer calls for rain!
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  • It's bittersweet for me since my family won't be there but I'll make the best of the day. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. We've been waiting what seemed like forever and now our day is almost here. Congrats to all the 28th brides too!
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    Can't wait until the 28th! The last couple of days have been crazy, managine family and all of our last minute tasks, but we're nearly there. I'm really excited for the ceremony and the party and seeing everyone. 
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