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non combustible decorative materials???

One of the venues I'm looking at (top three) has on their website that decorative materials must be non combustible. I had envisioned paper bunting/garlands and maybe some cafe lights, but I'm guessing paper garlands would be a big no-no (haven't met with them yet). What else can I decorate with? The venue is a rectangular room with a balcony around the perimeter, I wanted to string stuff between the balconies over the reception area. I'm kind of disappointed because its looking like this is my first choice now :(

Re: non combustible decorative materials???

  • I'm not positive about bunting, but I know you can buy nylon "paper lanterns" online, so that might be something to look into. They would at least be less combustible than the true paper ones. You could also try to get suggestions from the venue when you talk to them, or look at pictures on their website to see what's been done at other weddings.
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  • so you're limited to metal, glass and stone?
    nylon is combustible. it's made from petroleum and is most certainly combustible.
    you can do small glass candle holders suspended by metal wire but the string lights have the plastic cord holding them together-combustible.

    that seems really limiting.


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