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Flip-Flops For Guests- Sizes?

Hey guys,

I am planning to have a basket of flip-flops in our wedding colors for guests to change into as "dancing shoes" if they want to get out of their dress shoes and I was wondering what sizes I should get?  If anyone has done this for their wedding, your input would be so helpful!

I assume mostly female guests would want them and not male guests. We will have about 75 women there.

I've seen this in lots of bridal pics and it seems like such a great idea! Also, after going to a wedding ON THE BEACH where the bride emailed all guests, not just the bridal party, ALL GUESTS to tell us that flip-flops were forbidden and all guests to wear heels or dress shoes, I really want to make my guests feel comfortable, even though our wedding is not on a beach.

Thanks in advance!
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