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I mam having an issue with centerpieces.  Neither my fiance or I really like centerpieces, and we would rather not have anything on the table. We don't want to buy something that will be used once, and we don't want anything in the line of view of our guests.  My mom thinks that we need to have something on the tables.    Any ideas on what to do? 

Re: No Centerpiece

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    I've seen people use wine bottles or some sort of food. Or, you could still do a centerpiece but not make it too elaborate, like just a few flowers/candles/fruit...
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    Even something as simple as a few candles sitting on top of a mirror might look nice. i don't know what kind of wedding you're having but even if the two of you don't like centerpieces you don't want the room to look sparce.
    you might also consider small baskets filled with the wedding favors for your guests to take when they leave or even trays with crackers or some other kind of snack so that you aren't buying anything that will go to waste.
    good luck!
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    What kinds of linens are you planning? I think a table might look more interesting (and would have no need for a centerpiece) if you use a colored tablecloth and maybe a table runner in another color.

    If you're offering each guest a favor, then you could have those placed at each setting and that will add some visual interest. Or buy/borrow some cute cake platters or large bowls, put them in the middle of the table and place all the favors inside ... that way, it doubles as a centerpiece.

    Or you could do a bowl or basket of fruit:

    Lanterns are another option (maybe with some rose petals or votive candles around them). You could probably sell them to another Knottie after your wedding. Or you could keep them as home decor, or give them away to loved ones:

    Ask your hall if they have anything you can use. Some halls in my area provide silk flowers for free. Or mirrors or candles.

    You never really NEED a centerpiece, but sometimes the tables can look a little sparse without them.
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    Ditto the candles.. fruit displays.. or you could even do mini-cakes on each table.

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    We're using our cakes as centerpieces. 

    I'd suggest not having anything but putting the extra money into really nice linens and nice place settings.  I think the table would look very nice with a more elaborate place setting with pintucked linens instead.

    You could use interesting chargers or placemats and you wouldn't need centerpieces.

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    I went to a wedding where there were no centerpieces. The food was served family style where it was just put in the middle of the table. The wedding was a BLAST, but I def. noticed there were no centerpieces. However, I don't think other guests noticed there were none at all.

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    And if your only gripe is that a floral centerpiece would only be used once (totally understandable concern), maybe you'd feel like it was more worth it if you donated the flowers to a local nursing home or hospital after your wedding?
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    Put some aspect of the meal in the center of the table.

    We're tossing some wine on the tables and calling it a day.  I had some centerpiece ideas but wanted them to be simple.  My dad and FI decided that wine bottles would be the most amazing centerpieces in the world and they are really excited about it.  We did wine tastings around the area and bought a few bottles here and there, so they are pretty colorful.  I'm also considering having different colored linens in different rooms (cocktail reception so not all tables are in one room).

    I don't notice centerpieces unless they are large and in the way, there but super sparse or if they have those glass beads which end up being played with by everyone at the table.
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    I completely understand! My fiance and I are the same way. So we collected old bottles and put different things in each of them...some have buttons, some have seashells, pin wheels...ths list goes on.

    We also are going to have small, medium, and large picture frames  that we bought from the Good Will for $1 each! We have our picture in them and those are the gifts for the guests...

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    Our tables are very long and narrow.  We are doing rose petals and votives at our reception.  Sometimes less is more.
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