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after party invite wording?

We are having a small wedding and dinner reception (about 50 ppl) at a Victorian mansion in our downtown area, it's just drinks, appetizers and dinner, no dancing, ending around 8:00.  My groom and I are staying at a hotel not far from the mansion that night.  The hotel has pretty swanky lounge/bar and we would like to invite our guests to join us there after the formal party is over.  I had planned to put this invite on a note tied to the bubbles we are distributing to use for our send off.  BUT, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to word this, especially since any after party festivities would be individually paid for by any of the guests that choose to come.  Do I have to make that clear in some way?  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

Re: after party invite wording?

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    If you aren't hosting it, a written invitation isn't appropriate.  If you want them to pay, then you should verbally say "we'll be at such and such later if you want to join us."  You can casually mention that you plan to hang out there afterwards ahead of time.  

    If it's a hotel, block your guest rooms there and people will end up there anyway.  
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    I would stick to word of mouth as well.  Maybe get your WP in on it.  Something allong the lines of "hey some of us are heading to ____ after the reception, care to join us?  The B&G are going to be there too"
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    If you aren't hosting it (meaning paying) then don't do a formal/written invitation.  Just let people know at the reception by telling them verbally that you guys are going out for drinks at the bar if anyone wanted to join.  That will make it clear that it's something they'll be paying for on their own, not another party that you're hosting.
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    We planned to have a non-hosted after party (that ended up being hosted by my dad) so we just spread it by word of mouth.  I think we just told people there would be an informal after party at the bar by X hotel, and toward the end of the reception and after we were supposed to have left we told people to head on over to the bar by X hotel if they wanted to keep partying.  My mom had directions on hand for those who weren't staying at the hotel and wanted to go.
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    could the DJ do this?
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