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Theme to go with navy blue and pink wedding?

So I know my wedding is really far off (about 17 months), but I want to do a lot myself to save money, so I want to get going on figuring out how to do invitations and that sort of thing.  My problem is that I can't seem to get a theme set in my head, and I would really like something to tie in throughout the wedding.  My colors are a navy (or very dark royal) blue and bright pink (I've seen it referred to as fuchsia too).  We are getting married at a church close to Lake Ontario (in New York), but not close enough that you can see the lake, although our pictures will almost definitely be taken with the lake in the background.  Our reception is in a hotel's ballroom which is right on the river - one entire wall of our ballroom is all windows so the river will be easily seen from the reception.

I don't really want a beach theme, because I'm not sure the navy blue and pink looks right with that, plus I kinda think its overdone sometimes.  I was thinking the navy would lend a preppy sort of feel to things, and I really like the navy and white striped look, so I started to think maybe I could tie in a nautical sort of theme?  My only problem with that is that I have no ties to a boat really, my family could never afford one or anything, so I don't want to look like I'm trying to be snobby or pretending to have a certain lifestyle that I definitely don't.  Am I overthinking this?  Are there any other ideas anyone has for my colors/location circumstances?  Thanks in advance ladies, whenever I ask my family about this they think I'm nuts for even wanting any sort of theme!

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Re: Theme to go with navy blue and pink wedding?

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