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Honeymoon and family

We are not getting married till next fianc is Latino and we were thinking of having a second reception in Mexico city and combining that as are honeymoon is this a good idea or do you think the family will get in the way this will be the first time I meet his family as well in person!!

Re: Honeymoon and family

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    I would not have wanted family around during our honeymoon, honestly. It was our first trip with just the two of us, and it was really nice to have that privacy.
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    I would do the second reception in Mexico City and then go somewhere else like Cabo for the honeymoon.  Either that or plan for the honeymoon at a later date.  DH and I took ours over our one year anniversary.
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    i see nothing wrong with visiting the family for part of your vacation. go someplace for the HM first then go visit them. i think that the family would love to meet you and have a dinner to celebrate your marriage. i also wouldn't really consider it part of the 'honeymoon' part of your trip.


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