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Band and dinner?

We are having band play at our reception.  They play a lot of classic rock and pop rock, which are great for dancing.  However, we don't know what to do during dinner; should we have an Ipod loaded with softer music (Sinatra, Ella, etc.)?  We are already planning ipod music for the breaks the band will take, so it wouldn't be an additional hinderance.

Also, we invited to band to have [a plated] dinner with us.  Is that strange?
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Re: Band and dinner?

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    The iPod should be fine.  You could ask the band what is usually done during dinner if you'd like, but things like Sinatra tend to be good for dinner.

    Vendors who will be there for the entire reception should be offered food.  Some don't need a meal, some prefer a separate vendor meal like a sandwich and chips, others prefer to eat the same thing as the guests and may have that in the contract.  So no, it's not strange.
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    Feeding the band is not strange at all. As a matter of should feed them! My fiance is in a wedding band. Often he has to set up hours before the wedding and then hang out until he plays. He's at the reception hall anywhere from 6-10 hours from start to finish.
    Trust me, if you feed them, they will give you a great show. Playing on empty stomachs is not a good time for them!
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    Usually they are fine with vendor meals. Usually a sandwich or light meal - nothing that could stain their clothes!
    I don't know what your cost is per plate but I'd consider it.
    We are doing a nice vendor set up across from our room in a smaller room.
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