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Need ideas for decorating existing lattice

So I'm excited because we have officially decided on a venue, but here is where I need help - we are having our ceremony and reception in this HUGE room in an old textile mill that has been turned into event space. (It's the room in the top left photo on this webpage:

I love everything about it, except that there are unpainted lattice strips permanently attached to the wall between every window. I'm planning to go with a modern pewter and fuschia color theme and these really don't go. I'd love to cover them up somehow but every idea I come up with gets pretty pricey as there are at least 20 or more of these lattice pieces to cover.

Any good ideas?? I wouldn't even mind them being somewhat visible as long as I could dress them up somehow. Thank you!

Re: Need ideas for decorating existing lattice

  • You can check out
    They have lots of wedding decors, accessories by theme or your preference.
  • Could you maybe do a tool/ twinkle light combo?! Or I bought these really inexpensive wreaths from Hobby Lobby (don't know if you have something like that near you - just a craft store) and then bought really inexpensive fake flowers in my colors, and decorated them myself. Did about 20 for around $50. And they look incredible! (I know it sounds cheesy, but they really came out nice) You could get wreaths and wrap the fuschia tool around them and put a paper frame in the middle with a picture of the two of you in it!

    I couldn't really see the lattice in the pictures.. so I'm sorry if this doesn't help at all! Good Luck! :)
  • Would it be possible to make big frames of fabric in fushia to cover up the lattice?  Buy some 1x2x8 at Home Depot and get FI to make large wooden frames that are 8 feet high, by 4 feet wide.  Then buy fushia fabric and staple the fabric to the frame.  Then it would be hung up on the lattice.  If you can find a place to buy bulk fabric, it may not cost that much.  And if you are really crafty, maybe you can use the extra fabric to create fushia table runners for the tables.

    I had a hard time seeing the lattice in the picture, do you have a close up picutre possibly?
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