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Good, Bad, Ugly

Here goes,

Good: the resort, and the resort coordinator were amazing. The food was great always (especially breakfast- I'm addicted to huevos rancheros and the made to order omelets), but it was amazing especially for the wedding. Part of our wedding package included a private romantic dinner on the beach which was incredible. We saved it till our last night there, which was the way to go. The beach at the resort is one of the nicest in the area, and even though the resort was sold out, it was so big, and designed for that many people that it never felt crowded. Except for one day of rain early in the week, we had fantastic weather. We paid for excursions to Tulum and snorkling, both of which were well worth the extra money. Everything about the wedding itself was perfect, down to the minister who pronounced it "Mawage" (Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies). 

Bad: My grandma somehow got left off the list of people from the company tranferring from the airport to the resort, while my cousin who was traveling with her made the list. Still not sure what happened, but since she didn't have the proof with her (miscommunication between my mom and aunt) they wouldn't take her. Abuela is Cuban though, and speaks Spanish, so luckily she was able to find transportation. Otherwise, everyone made it fine, so it's not really that bad.

The only other kind of bad thing was how windy it was for a few days. Wouldn't have been a big deal, except that it meant I was kind of cold at night (note to self, always bring at least one wrap, or shawl even when traveling to a tropical location) and that H's fishing trip had crazy waves, and everyone was sick and miserable, and the guys had all been so excited to go fishing. 

Ugly: we only had one situation that was ugly, and it could have been much, much worse. A friend of H's dad fainted during the reception (likely too much sun and alcohol and not enough water), and hit her head rather hard on the tile when she fell. The good part of that was that the resort workers responded admirably, and the doctor was super quick coming. She had to rest the rest of the night, and got checked out the next day at the hospital (luckily she'd purchased travel insurance- probably the only one who did) to make sure it wasn't a stroke or something and that she didn't have a concussion. It kind of stunk because we only got to one toast, and it took a little while for everyone to rally. But she was ok, and everyone did rally and have a good time. So really, it wasn't all that ugly. 

And we're having an AHR in a couple months (after my bro's wedding) so we told everyone they can do their speeches then. 

So that's it, all in all it was pretty amazing, and now, I'm just having to sort my way through this stupid name change business. :) 
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Re: Good, Bad, Ugly

  • Thanks for sharing this! :) And I'm really happy it worked out with your Grandma and transportation! Whew!

    About the name change stuff - my FSIL sent me a link to www.missnowmrs.com and there's a discount code until the end of March: PM080 or WW010. This site handles all the paperwork for you. Just thought I'd share in case you didn't already have a kit or anything :)
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  • Glad to hear everything worked out!!
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