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Happy Hump Day!

We did it, Ladies! We made it half way through the week! Is anyone else counting down until the weekend, besides me?

I have work all day and then the gym.  Nothing to exciting.  What are you ladies up to today?

Re: Happy Hump Day!

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    I took my last exam for the semester so now I'm doing a bit of online shopping and addressing Christmas cards!!

    Happy Wednesday girls!

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    Good morning ladies!  Today is my first day of work of the week for me since I work Wed through Saturday.  I am stressing a bit because of the amount of homework I have to get done, but am so glad that next week my finals are on Monday and Tuesday and then I will finally have a break!

    Today I bought the necklace I posted about earlier and I am so excited!!!! I decided it was absolutely perfect for the wedding and the fact that I kept looking at it multiple times a day made me think I needed to just buy it!  I love it!  I will post pics when I get it but here is the site picture from Etsy

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    Kimmy, I'm right there with you in couting the days til the weekend. I am actually counting down the days til my holiday vacation too...I am just so tired and burnt out from work that I need a break! Plus I need time to work on wedding stuff as work has been so crazy the last month or so...

    I am actually working from home the remainder of the week so I can complete an online training which has to be completed by the end of the year. Oh how I love working in yoga pants...I wish I could do this all the time!!
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    At work and waiting for it to be over - its an early day today, done at 2:30 and can't wait!

    Sam - Glad you bought it! Its SO pretty!
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    Faith glad your tests are done! Samantha I love the necklace Jess I wish I could work for home. I'm with kimmy, this week is going by super slow, prob cause FI isn't here. I have so much to do and feel like I have no time to do it. I don't even have Christmas decorations up yet. I need to get moving!
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    Hello there ladies!  I'm so glad that it's Wednesday already :-)  I had an interview today and I have two more tomorrow...  things are looking a bit promising... I'm hoping one of these pans out...  Jan 20th will be here before I know  trying to stay positive.

    I think all this stress is starting to get to me, in a matter of just three week I somehow gained 7 llbs!  YIKES! not good considering that I needed to lose about 5-10 before my dress got here (about another 2-3 months to go)... so that means I need to lose 17lbs now!  UGH!  so yeah... that has me freaking out a bit.

    Besides that I'm super ready for the week to be over and the holidays to come and

    Just thought I'd share what was going on in my head this morning :)

    Kimmy - YAY for 7 months!!!!

    Sam - I love love that necklace... so glad you got it!

    Jess - I love working from home...I'm actually working my afternoon from home today too!

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    Sam- I love that necklace!  It's beautiful!

    So even though it's my birthday I worked all day and have grad classes tonight.  But we are going to the Sabres for one of the classes so I'm looking forward to that!  I can't wait for this week to be over so I can finish arranging the apartment; I hate being disorganized!

    Have a great rest of the day!

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    Kimmy – I’m always counting down for the weekend, ha!


    Faith – Woo, that has to feel so good to be done!


    Samantha – That necklace is GORGEOUS!


    Jess – I agree, working from home is the absolute best – especially on a rainy day like today!


    Jen – That’s amazing about the interviews, and it WILL work out… it’s amazing how things fall into place. And I’m sure the weight is just normal fluctuation, I go up and down a couple of pounds all the time.


    11beck – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


    I bought my ornament for our secret shopper exchange! Other than that, nothing too exciting going on here. Just ready to head home and be lazy on the couch for the rest of the night, ha. 

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    Good Afternoon Ladies!!  This week hasn't been too bad.  I actually just got back from a Christmas lunch which I had lots of good food at so now I'm really sleepy.

    Last night we got our Christmas tree and tonight we are going to decorate it.  I am really happy about that.  We are also going to stop at Walmart to get wrapping paper so I can start wrapping.  Now I just have to figure out what to get FI for Christmas.

    Samantha - I am glad that you got that necklace.  It is gorgeous!!
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