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WTF Wednesday

B!tching, complaining, and ranting goes here!!
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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF is with me working like a MAD woman just so I can leave for 2 weeks. FI & I have worked our a**'s off the past two weeks. But it has paid off because FI got a fat check yesterday for a job he completed ... we may have to splurge a little on the honeymoon. Or should we do the responsible thing and save it ???
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  • WTF #1 - How did it get to be the time for so many people to go get married?  I miss you guys already....

    WTF #2 - What is up with FI's back?  He can barely move.  He didn't even come to work yesterday and today he is here but still in alot of pain.  What did he do you may ask?  We have no idea.  It started last week and by Sunday he couldn't even drive.

    WTF #3 - Work.  Since I am at work I can't really WTF it full so we will just leave it at that.
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  • I have to go to the gynocologist in an hour for my annual check up. WAAAHHHH. 

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  • WTF is up with this cold I have??  Why or why must I get a 'summer' cold every year?  UGH!! 
    My body just does not handle all this going in and out of air likes a steady temperature!  I must feel better before Saturday when I go to the beach with my girlfriends for the weekend!!
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  • Erin- I would save some and splurge most! lol!
    Cathy- That's kind of scary for FI! and I miss everyone already too!!

    my WTF has to do with this party my family wants to throw FI and I in August...I've only mentioned it once before but I am pretty peeved about one guest and the fact that the host knows my feelings toward this guest yet tried to hide the fact that this person was/would be involved.  It's a LONG story and not one for this public forum :-\  I didn't want them throwing this party in the first place b/c I know their money situation but decided not to put a damper on the whole thing and was actully excited and now I find out about this!!!
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  • WTF  - For those of you that read my post from last night, that would be my WTF post today.  Wtf is with people thinking that life revolves around them and their double standards?????
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  • I.guess the only WTF I have is our dog, Enzos, shedding. It's getting disgusting ye doesnt just shes once a year its all year and 10 times worse in the summer. We love him to death but its bad. We have to vacuum everyday and the house is constantly.diety. When I clean its still dirty bc there is always dust.
  • WTF to myself! Why did I think it was a good idea to work 9 days in a row?! I can barely keep my eyes open, my whole body hurts and I can barely think. 4 days until we leave for Maui and it can't get here quick enough.
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    Erin splurge!! Cathy .....hmmm what did he do to hurt his back?? ; ) Faith I call it the grand opening! Lol Trudy colds in the summer suck! Julyet tell the host to take the guest off this list, it's your party! Kimmy wtf is right! My WTF is with people not minding their own business. So Hubby's XWs sister works in one of our other offices. (we have 13 different Dr offices in one large group) she told my supervisor ( who u all know I dislike) about my hubby's health issues. I'm sorry but telling people I work with that he is sick is non-excusable. I am totally annoyed. If I wanted them to know I would tell them myself. It's nobody's business! WTF is wrong with her!! The only reason why the XW knows is because it's genetic and his son needs to be tested. I'm so annoyed right now!
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  • My Wtf continues from yest as well... For those that didn't read it, you should, it will cause quite a laugh I guarantee! You all should be glad to know I disposed of her bags with this mornings garbage collection, and bought a little garbage can to hold the bags till garbage day. Now I have to play phone tag to see how much is too much poop and I should prob make sure that the color of the can meets their liking! WTF is up with miserable people... sidenote, thanks for all who responded on here and fb, I can now only laugh at the actual situation...
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  • I know I do it a lot, but I'm going to WTF my mother AGAIN. We had our meeting with the venue for our AHR and she was being SUCH A SNOB. First she was complaining about the wine choices and how "her friends expect better". Then she was complaining that FI wanted chocolate cake with white frosting for our cake (we're doing a small one-tiered cake. The rest is cupcakes, and those will be a variety of flavors, so we're talking ONE 6 inch round cake for the two of us to eat) and how we might as well go to WalMart and pick up a picnic cake. She is driving me INSANE. Like I get that you're all "fancy" and whatnot, but  I am NOT and if I want chocolate cake who cares?!!?!? I keep telling myself "she is paying, she is paying, she is paying..." UGH.

    I'll also WTF the weather. Minnesota should never be 97 degrees. Ever.
  • my wtf is to my self today.... we leave first thing in the morning for our vacation and I have been so bad at procrastinating! I'm sitting in the.lobby waiting for the truck to get finished (oil change and tire alignment for the road trip) and my realizations that I haven't even pulled out the bags to start packing just slapped me in the face.. I have been trying to get FI to help me everyday for the last week but something has come up everyday and here we are the day before we leave and I'm going to spend all day doing it by myself now lol I should of took the hint the first time he blew off the idea of helping me pack blaaah
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  • The second couple in the past week has informed us they have made travel arrangments will be attending the wedding July 3rd! Really? How are we the last to know?!
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