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Need Vibes!

O.k. girls I realize that there are much bigger problems in the world besides my situation, but I'm still upset. I need vibes! My house hasn't sold still! We've been married a month now and we aren't living together. It's so stressful and we've argued even thougth it's neither of our faults. I just thought that Knottie vibes help with everything maybe it could help me. It's just been heartbreaking to have this beautiful, perfect wedding and ahr and then go back to never seeing each other. I know it could be worse and I'm probably being whiny right now, but please send some vibes my way. We are hours apart and it's been this way for years, I've been holding on to our plans that after we were married we would be together and that's not working out. I just need some hope girls.
Thanks and Hugs.
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