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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies! This week seems to be taking forever since we just had a short one last week.

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • I don't really have a WTF this week. It is super freezing cold, I want the weekend to be here already and one of our cats woke me up by puking next to the bed this morning but nothing to actually gripe about. I guess the spirit of Thanksgiving stuck around for me a bit longer and I'm just thinking about all the good things this week!!
  • WTF, I am getting some of the gross sinus stuff that's been going around. I have TWO big holiday parties this weekend, I can't be sick!
  • I don't have one this week either!  These last two weeks have been great!
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  • WTF week! You're dragging... 

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    [QUOTE]WTF week! You're dragging... 
    Posted by FaithCaitlin[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>My other WTF is... W(hen)TF will my renters move out already?! It's my house (they rent a room), they're rude, messy and have yet to pay rent in full or on time. This is what we get for trying to help a friend out... :-/</div>
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  • Ugh Kate -that is the worst. FI owns a duplex (which we live in) -- we've always toyed with renting out the upstairs and lately have been talking about getting a single family house somewhere and just renting out the whole duplex but we are SO worried we would get crapy tenants and then have to deal with all the stress.
  • If you decide to rent out the space, don't be afraid to do reference checks and if possible from former landlords. We're lucky in the fact that we don't have any contracts to abide by, and we're trying to approach this situation firmly but delicately enough to salvage the relationship with our friend... the two renters? I could care less about any type of relationship after they leave. :-p

    I have to add that I love reading posts on the DW board. It makes me feel less "WTF?!?!" - thanks!
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  • I am with Faith on this one...WTF Week??  I am ready for you to be over so it can be Saturday and I can do everything that I need to get done before we leave on Tuesday!!! I have almost everything ready, but there are a few things that I need to get done this weekend (like finish packing my clothes!) and then I should be all set!
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  • Ho(W)TF is it nearly December? I'm getting excited for Christmas, but seriously, where did this year go?

    In a similar vein, I'm trying to find a picture for our Christmas card, and WTF did I do this year? I know I did some fun stuff, but somehow, I have no good pictures :( 
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  • Right now I can't think of any wtfs. I will try harder and getting back to you but otherwise I can't complain :)
  • My wtf is why is the rest of the wedding time dragging?!?! I NEED a vacation !!! Stat
  • My WTF..  We just booked with my aunt for our in exactly one year give or take a day in Jamaica and my moms first response was... Well theres a chance of a hurricane... 

    There is no damn difference between the end of november and the begining of december...  

    UGH it is starting already 
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