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Favorite Friday

This is our weekly post where we talk about our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week.

I hope everyone has a great New Year, be safe!
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Re: Favorite Friday

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    WR~ I got nothing going on right now NWR~ being off from work was fantastic! I'm soooo dreading going back on Tuesday. I also had a nice Christmas with my family.
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    WR - No much going on here.

    NWR - Christmas plus I am looking forward to having another 3 day weekend!!
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    YAY for Friday!!!!

    My Fav WR accomplishment this week is that we picked bridesmaids dresses!!!

    My FAV NWR thing is that I finally got my official start date for my new position!

    for such a slow week it's been pretty awesome!

    Today my FSIL/Bridesmaid is coming over and we are going to work on my invites together so we can hopefully get them done soon.  I wanted to get them out mid January.

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    WR - I got the Grandmother's corsages done. Also I got the confirmation from the photog that we will be getting the disc of our epics this coming week for the photobooks :) 

    NWR - I had a GREAT vaca up north visiting with my family, which I don't get to see often enough! 
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    WR - I found MY DRESS!!! :)

    NWR - I loved not having to work this week. I also found out that an article I wrote is in the final stages of being picked for a contest, where I can win $10,000! Fingers crossed!!
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    Ahh Jen that's awesome! Yay BM dresses!

    I have been busy.
    -picked BM dresses (even though that was technically last week but whatevs)
    -finalized the menu
    -working on decorations/flowers
    -think I have the photographer I want in mind

    -I have a 3 day weekend :)
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    WR - I have confirmed my musician for the AHR =) My two favorite guitar players from college are making the trip to play !

    NWR - All the Christmas goodies at work this week =)
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    WR:  Our wedding bands came in yesterday and are just what we wanted

    NWR: The long weekend sounds pretty good!

    Congrats on all the good wedding checks everyone had this week or are working on.

    Lindsay that is wonderful about the article.  I hope you win!
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    Congrats Jen and Lora!

    WR- I made the mother of all lists, and it's intense, FI said I officially went off the deep end.

    NWR-  Christmas was awesome!  I love my family and it was so nice seeing everyone
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    LORA - yay!!!  Can we see the article?  What was it about?  Fingers crossed for you!

    WR - Ummm.... besides the breakdowns of everything I have to do and not knowing where to start?!  Ha!  I am printing the contract to do that Biography video for our slideshow we're going to play at the wedding and send it off...

    NWR - Looking forward to a 3 day weekend and TWO days off w/ my FI.  That never, ever, ever happens!!! :)
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    WR: humm i didn't do too much wedding related this week... I guess my favorite part was taking the leap and contacting a photographer about boudior pics as a present for FI!  I am totally nervous and am still waitig for a reply, but even inquiring was a big step for me.

    NWR:  I would say the kinect FI and I got for christmas, it is so much fun!

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    WR: Got a ton of wedding projects done! I'll do a check post once I'm all done.  With pictures!

    NWR: Having the whole week has been awesome! 

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