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Siggy Challenge

It's that time again to update our Siggys! 

Each week the girls post a different picture in their siggy.   This gives each of us an opportunity to show off just a little bit more of our lives to everyone on the board.  Eventually this (page and the siggy challenge information) will be passed onto another DW bride to continue.  
Siggy challenges will be called out officially on Sundays 
every week.

This weeks Siggy Challenge 
             2/24/13-3/2: Favorite Picture of you and FI

If you can't change your siggy post it in the thread so we can all see!!!

***To put a picture into your siggy, you'll need to log into your "The Knot" Profile (NOT your bio!). 
After you login to your account, click on My Knot in the upper left hand corner. 

Next, click on My Bio which is located sort of in the middle but slightly to the right towards the top.

Then, click on Edit My Avatar & Sig located on the top directly under where it says My Bio.

From here you will scroll down and put the following into the box that says Edit My Message Board Signature

In that box, paste the following code:
<img src="tinyurlhere" width=200 /> 
replacing "tinyurlhere" with your personal tinyurl for that week's picture. Save your changes and your picture shoud now show up in your siggy!

In order to get your tiny url go to and there are instructions there. What I personally do (which is alot easier to me) is I have a photobucket account(which is free) and right after you upload the picture you can just over over the picture and it gives you the link to just copy and paste into your siggy. You would put the code <img src="directlink" width=200 /> 

Whichever works better for you is the one I would recommend.

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